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  1. I want you guys two watches and pay close attention because we as American people all lives can be at stake we always want to know before something happens like a storm or hurricane even tornadoes and earthquakes I’m applying this to you because I’m concerned about America I want you to watch John Kilpatrick in time dreams on YouTube watch the video and pay close attention something is about to happen to America and many lives can be in danger but why I say this because I love America and I love the people very much I want you guys to pay close attention to this video please there is a man on YouTube and he lives in Jacksonville Florida is a man I’ve got his name is Prophet Brian Carn this past summer rap4 hurricane season even started even last year he said to us and he’s a prophet from God the god of Abraham the god of Isaac the god of Jacob Jesus Christ his father he saw her hands up and down the East Coast he even saw a major hurricane hidden Houston Texas in this year I’m telling you this so we can be prepared for what is to come and watch John Kilpatrick in time dreams because how our president a new president or whoever is President Miss handle Jerusalem in Israel America of United States will be split in half from illinoise all the way down to New Orleans by the Madrid fault line I don’t know why God is telling me to tell you this but it’s your responsibility to the news and take this to everyone God bless may God be with us all

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