Onshore flow = Waves for JAX

One of the things I found when I moved to Jacksonville…is the lack of “decent” waves at the beach.

I am not speaking down on JAX Beach… but just making an observation.

However, when you get persistent onshore winds for an extended period of time from high pressure to the north…and oh yeah… and Hurricane Cristobal to the southeast near the central Bahamas… it gets windy and choppy!

I went out to JAX Beach to check out the rough surf.

It went from looking like this….

First Alert Skycam Network
First Alert Skycam Network


JAX Beach

Yeah… 3-5+ ft waves! Better yet… let’s go to the video…

JAX Beach waves (Click)

Red Flag for high surf and rip currents…

Red Flag (Click for video of the wind!)

And I even went on the pier to check out the waves from that perspective.

JAX Beach Pier waves (Click for video)

I measured winds of 22 mph at the end of JAX Beach Pier (I know…nerd).

And finally… the slooowwww moooo wave video. #iPhone

JAX Beach wave – slow motion (Click for video)

Things calmed a little bit on Tuesday… but we still had 3-5 ft waves and a high rip current risk.

JAX Beach Tuesday- August 26, 2014
JAX Beach Tuesday- August 26, 2014

For more info on the tropics… check out the First Alert Hurricane Center.

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