Newsflash: July 2013 was cooler and wetter

July was a little cooler and wetter when compared to what we expect for the summer month at Columbia Metro Airport. (You probably didn’t need me to inform you.)

The average daytime high temperature was 88.4°F which was 3.8°F below normal. No 100 degree days were recorded in the state of South Carolina. The highest maximum temperature we achieved was 93°F on the 17th.

According to the Southeast Regional Climate Center, that average is the fourth coldest since we have been keeping records at Columbia Metropolitan Airport (1948).

max_temp_rankings July13

The average daytime low for the month was 72.7°F which was 0.9°F above normal.

We have seen a lot of rain recently and the total for July racked up to 11.21″ which comes out to be 5.75″ above normal and the fifth wettest on record. Some stations in South Carolina set all-time records for rainfall in the month of July.

precip_rankings July13

Since January 1st, Columbia Metro is 9.34″ above normal and completely out of drought.

drought_comparison july13vs12


For comparison, July of 2012 saw an average daytime high temperature of 95.8°F and eight 100 degree days.

According to the S.C. State Climate Office, the last year when no South Carolina reporting site reached 100 degrees from May through July was 2003. The last time no S.C. reporting site reached 100 degrees from May through October was 1973.

The immediate future looks to have the wet pattern sticking around with no signs of 100 degrees.

We won’t complain.


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