January 2014: Colder Than Average

January 2014 was a little chilly. The weather stats show that at Columbia Metro Airport.


The average high temperature was 52.4° (-3.6°). That ties for the 12th coldest on record since 1948. The average low temperature was 28.1° (-5.6°). That is the 7th coldest on record. When you average out the highs and the lows, the average temperature for the month was 40.3° (-4.6°). That ties for the 8th coldest.

The highest temperature was 69° on the 20th and 27th. The coldest temperature was 11° on the 25th. (That 11° temperature is the coldest we have been since the ’80s.)


Columbia Metro Airport received 3.40″ of rain throughout the month. That is a deficit of 0.18″ when compared to average. The highest “rain day” was the 10th with 2.02″ of rain.

The airport received 2.1″ of snow towards the end of the month on the 28th and the 29th. The top report I saw was 4″ in Calhoun County near Sandy Run. There was also a run on milk and bread at local grocery stores.


The average high temperature for February increases to 60.1° at Columbia Metro Airport.

Data via SERCC, NWS, and SC Climate Office.

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