Indian Summer…but I thought we were in Autumn?

For those of you who liked the cool down/freeze the state of South Carolina experienced last week…well…here comes a warm up.

Temperatures are expected to reach the upper-70s…if not 80 degrees in some spots this week.

We call this an “Indian Summer” scenario.

The definition of an Indian Summer from the National Weather Service Glossary.

“Indian Summer: An unseasonably warm period near the middle of autumn, usually following a substantial period of cool weather.”

The average daytime high temperature for Tuesday October 29th at Columbia Metro Airport is 72 degrees.

So did we have a period of cool weather??

Credit: National Weather Service - Columbia, S.C.
Credit: National Weather Service – Columbia, S.C.

Yeap! It was “freezing!” A lot of us saw our first freeze/frost of the season.

Are we expecting an unseasonably warm period??

Credit: Iowa State University
Credit: Iowa State University


Thus, we have an “Indian Summer” scenario. You can now impress your friends at work.

But why call it “Indian Summer?”

There are a few theories that I have seen.

1.) The early Native Americans thought it was a warm wind sent from a god.

2.) Early settlers in the U.S. welcomed the cold snap because they didn’t have to deal with the Indians attacking them. When the warm weather would return all of a sudden…the “Indians” would have another shot at them.

3.) The Native Americans needed this time to complete their harvest to survive through the winter months.

I like number two because it sounds cool.

The good news for you cold weather enthusiasts (me included)…the above average temperatures won’t be here forever. Thanks to a cold front, we are already forecasting a cool down by the end of the 7 Day Planner.

You can check out that 7 Day Planner every weekday morning from 5-9 a.m. on “Good Day Columbia” on WACH Fox and during “WACH Fox News at Ten.”

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