Crazy week in the weather center, snow/ice…and #SCquake?

A crazy week here in the SkyWACH Weather Center. This historic winter storm brought impressive snow and ice totals to the Midlands.

I literally tried to discount the 1.00″ + forecast ice totals we were seeing as long as I could on our weather computer models. At some point I had to pull the trigger. We saw up to 1.25″ in the southwestern Midlands.

Columbia/Lexington was saved by the sleet that we received. Basically, the cold air wedge was a bit “stronger” in those areas. Cold air was a little bit deeper. Thus, once the snowflakes melted aloft, they were able to refreeze into sleet pellets before reaching the ground. Mostly snow fell in the northern Midlands with some ice.

See the totals here.

0.25" of ice at the WACH studios around midnight Thursday.
0.25″ of ice at the WACH studios around midnight Thursday.

That cold layer was less thick towards Orangeburg/Aiken.

Hopefully power crews can restore power to those without as soon as possible. Ice is something that is hard to defend.

The good news is, we are forecasting ABOVE AVERAGE temperatures on our 7 Day Planner.

I am looking forward to that…and sleep.


We had an earthquake near Edgefield, SC Friday night at 10:23 p.m. It was a magnitude 4.1 of the richter scale.

That is the highest magnitude earthquake in South Carolina since a 4.4 mag. in 2002.

No injuries or damage has been reported.

South Carolina generally sees 15-20 small earthquakes per year, according to SCEMD.

Here is a map of where people reported the shaking. Pretty impressive.

Courtesy: USGS
Courtesy: USGS

It was enough for Henry Rothenberg to feel the quake in Columbia right before his weathercast Friday night.

Here is more info from USGS.

Crazy times. What does SC see next?

Hope you all have a great weekend, we’ll keep WACHing the sky.

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