Could we have the latest hurricane on the books?

You may have been wondering about this year’s hurricane season and why it has appeared to be slow.

2013 tracks

                                                           via NHC (minus Humberto)

In reality, we are on the “H” storm named “Humberto” (oom-BAIR-toh). It is currently (as of Monday afternoon) a tropical storm in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean just south of the Cape Verde Islands.

We typically see our first hurricane in the Atlantic basin by August 10th. That date has come and gone.


Humberto should obtain hurricane strength (Winds at 74 mph or greater) Tuesday.


                                      Tropical Storm Humberto Monday afternoon (NHC)

The only thing about that…is it would be walking the line of the latest hurricane on record.

First Hurricane


Gustav Sep 11, 2002
Diana Sep 10, 1984
Erin Sep 9, 2001
Arlene Sep 3, 1967
Debby Sep 2, 1988

So…depending on when Humberto is classified as a hurricane will depend on whether we make history this year or not.

“Gustav became the 2002 season’s first hurricane just before 1200 UTC” (8 am on September 11, 2002). NHC Tropical Cyclone Report


                                                                                                 via NHC

We may (or may not) fall just short of the record with Humberto but this tropical cyclone would be at least in the top three latest hurricanes on record since 1950.

September 10th is the climatological peak of hurricane season in the Atlantic basin. It would be appropriate if Humberto were upgraded on that date.


                                                                                                 via NHC

Hurricane season is ongoing…and we must remember that it only takes one storm/hurricane to make it bad for some.

In the meantime…I will leave you with this…

1174800_10152693475684041_408565368_n                                                                                                via NOAA

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