Can the “tropics” be active in April? Turns out..yes!

I have started to think about the upcoming tropical season. I am a huge “tropics” nerd.

Randomly, I started to wonder if we had records of a tropical cyclone developing in the north Atlantic basin in April? Turns out…we have!

A quick search of the National Hurricane Center website shows that in 2003 Tropical Storm Ana formed in late April in the central Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Ana's track in 2003.
Tropical Storm Ana’s track in 2003.

According to NHC, Ana was the first tropical storm on record in April in the north Atlantic basin.

It became a tropical storm on the evening of April 20th (00z 21 April) with estimated maximum sustained winds of 50 kt (58 mph). It became extratropical in the early morning hours of April 24th.

Courtesy: National Hurricane Center
Courtesy: National Hurricane Center

No watches or warnings were issued for T.S. Ana.

The only other tropical or subtropical cyclone on record in April is a subtropical storm April 21-24, 1992 between Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

There were 16 named storms in 2003.

2003 tropical cyclone tracks.
2003 tropical cyclone tracks.

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season is looking like it could be below average (Average is 12 named storms). Seasonal forecasts are starting to be released.

Here is a link to the Colorado State seasonal forecast.

WeatherBELL Analytics seasonal forecast.

More forecasts to come throughout the spring. NOAA will release their forecast in May. The first named storm for 2014 will be “Arthur.”

Info courtesy of the National Hurricane Center. 


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