2017 Atlantic Hurricane Seasonal Outlook released from NOAA


2017 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook from @NOAA:

11-17 named storms… 5-9 hurricanes… 2-4 major hurricanes (cat 3 or higher).

This will be an “above average” outlook for the upcoming season.

Colorado State University forecast released in early April:

11 named storms… 4 hurricanes… 2 major

CSU will update their forecast on June 1st. 

The average for the Atlantic basin is 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes.

We should remember… IT ONLY TAKES ONE to ruin your day. Prepare now for the upcoming hurricane season!

You can check out hurricane forecast data here:

Also– check out the First Alert Hurricane Center for more of our video forecasts and information throughout the season.

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